Want to hear a Story?

This picture was taken in ND at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I was on vacation with my wife a few years before this particular trip and I saw this game in a local bar called “The Iron Horse” in Medora, ND. As we walked past the bar, now called “Boots Bar and Grill”, I noticed an arcade game on the porch in the shape of a Williams game. After entering the bar and going straight to the porch, I noticed it was a Joust game. It wasn’t working and was turned towards the wall with the power cord hanging over its back. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just wondering what will become of the poor Joust as we went on our way.

We returned about 3 years later and happened to drive by the bar. I told my wife I had to check on something. Sure enough the poor Joust was still in its sad shape that I had seen it 3 years earlier, power cord hanging over the back and turned to the wall.

I asked for the owner to see if he was interested in selling it. He wasn’t there and was told to look for him in the morning. My wife and I went on our way to the campground. I didn’t tell my wife anything about what I had in the works. That next morning I got up early and told her I wanted to go on an early morning bike ride. As I got back to the bar about 6 AM, I talked to the owner and asked him if he was interested in selling the Joust game.

He hesitated a bit.  I’m sure he was more surprised than anything.  He had this confused look on his face, and I offered him $50. He hesitated for a few seconds and said “Sure, I’ve been meaning to get it fixed but just haven’t gotten around to it”.  I thought to myself, after sitting there for 3 years and who knows how long before that, I’m sure it wasn’t going anywhere fast.

Before I could get my money out he already had a hand dolly and had wheeled it out to my truck. He probably thought to himself this is my lucky day.  Let’s get it out of here before he changes his mind. I don’t know who was happier, him or me? As I got back to the campground, my wife was still sleeping.  I took the game out of the truck and set it up by our campsite. After some time had passed and I started breakfast, she got out of the tent.

At first she didn’t even noticed the game. Then looking a little confused she said, “What is that doing here??” She knew she was in for a good story.